2018 – 2019 Season
*Periwinkle 30 min $20 TBD Monday 6:00
Lavender 30 min $20 TBD Thursday 5:45
Lilac 45 min $25 TBD Wednesday 4:15
Jam 45 min $25 TBD Wednesday 5:45
Violet 45 min $25 TBD Wednesday 7:15
*Grape – Hip Hop 45 min $60 $75 (1 costume) Thursday 6:15
Plum – Hip Hop 45 min $60 $75 (1 costume) Wednesday 5:00
Boysenberry – Hip Hop 45 min $60 $75 (1 costume) Wednesday 6:30
Technique Class 90 min included with comp class tuition N/A Sunday 6:00



This class is for competition level dancers entering at least their 2nd year of Primary Dance.


This class is for competition level dancers entering at least their 3rd year of Hip Hop instruction.



  • Students learn routines to be performed at local dance competitions and the holiday show
  • Tuition includes access to Sunday evening Technique class (drop-in, not required)
  • Additional costs for joining the competition team include competition entrance fees and the purchase of a team warm-up suit and extra costumes
  • Consult studio for appropriate class placement



Joining a competition team provides a great opportunity for students to work together as a group toward a common goal, while providing more performance opportunities.  Through local competitions, they will be introduced to dancers and choreographers from around the region, meet new friends who share their love and passion for dance, and be amazed by the commitment and quality of dance in the area.  Judges’ feedback from the competitions offers students a constructive way to improve their dancing, while building their self esteem.

Expectations of Team Members:

  1. Commitment and attendance.
  2. Participation.  Competition team members are required to participate in 3 local competitions, the East Bridgewater Christmas Parade and Holiday Show (1st weekend of December), and the Bridgewater 4th of July Parade.
  3. Teamwork and good sportsmanship.
  4. Hardwork and effort.
  5. JSD Attire: You will need to purchase a JSD Warm-up suit ($110) to wear at parades and competitions.


Other Info:

  1. Local competitions are usually held weekends in April and May.  We usually attend 3 competitions per season.
  2. Competitions charge an entrance fee per student, per dance.  Entrance fees per student in a group routine average $45.  Most of our competition teams perform two group dances at each competition…so that would be $90 per student x 3 competitions = $270.  Solo entrance fees average $100 and duo / trios $60 per student, per competition.
  3. Anyone on the team wishing to do a solo will need to schedule private lessons at a cost of $250 ($125 per student for duos).  Each solo takes approximately 10 lessons to prepare.  Students may select your own music and costume, with an okay from us.
  4. As we get close to competition season, we may schedule a few weekend and school vacation rehearsals.
  5. Costumes.  Thought we try to keep the costs down (sometime we reuse recital costumes), there is often an additional costume charge for competition routines.
  6. Fundraising.  Dance teams can be an expensive endeavor – so we do offer several fundraisers during the year to defray the cost of costumes, entrance fees, warm-up suits, etc.